This week marks the close of my favorite time of year, the spring high school golf season!  It was definitely an interesting three months marked with bad weather, some bad attitudes (not from my team though!), and courtesy of the state tournament last week, some bad coaches.  Each year I coach, there seems to be a lesson that I learn and this year was no exception.  So here is a little recap from the 2009 season…..

Bad weather (see earlier blog): Although the high school golf season started on March 1st, we actually did not get any weather worth playing in until mid May.  We had everything from rain, snow, hail, thunder, wind and even two lightning storms that caused matches to be cancelled.  Basically, if we were on the golf course, mother nature had a different plan.


High School Golf and Bad Attitudes

High School Golf Season

Bad attitudes: Why do golfers have to cheat?  After four years of coaching high school golf, I can spot a cheater from a mile away and they always sport the same swagger.  They will be the nicest person to your face, and they will go above and beyond to make sure your score is correct.  But when it comes to their own, good luck on them counting correctly.  I had to witness one player this season argue over whether or not there was a penalty stroke for hitting the ball out of bounds and then try to convince a member of my team to change her score after the round because “she would really prefer to have a nine, rather than a ten on a par 4″.  Even when we got to the state tournament this season, I had parents warning me of high school golf players in groups that were known for cheating.  When will it end?  Golf teaches respect on so many levels and why it is that players feel the need to disrespect it, themselves and their opponents is beyond me.  One other trend was players that had bad tempers.  To play golf well, you have to be able to control your emotions.  With this in mind, does throwing clubs, swearing and being so angry that you just forget your entire routine (in turn losing the match as a result) and play like you do not care accomplish anything?  One thing is for sure, I am so thankful to have coached such an amazing high school golf group of girls this year that were so incredibly honest, respectful and just pleasant to be around.  They were truly a wonderful representation of themselves and the school whether on the golf course or off.  View our post about golf putter types!


High School Golf and Bad Coaches


Bad Coaches:  Answer this question for me.  Should playing with golfers who are worse than you, be your excuse for a bad round?  I found out at state last week that apparently it is ok to blame poor play on being placed in groupings where a few high numbers are shot.  During our coaches meeting, I had to listen to a table of coaches complain about players with high seeding being put in later groups.  You could actually hear the anger in their voices about this.  Let me just say this for the record: THE ONLY PERSON YOU ARE PLAYING AGAINST ON THE GOLF COURSE IS YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!  If you plan on playing golf at a high level, the ability levels of your playing partners should not matter.  You have to adapt to any situation and still shoot low, that’s the mark of a true competitor, not one that just blames a bad round on others. 

In closing, I must add a huge congratulations to my high school golf team!  Despite a rough start to the season, they finished strong and were always smiling.  I am so excited for next year and to have everyone returning, they are a special high school golf group of girls and the best team a coach could ask for!!!