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Here at we want to help improve your game so here is the second drill in our series.

We are focused on how we can improve a golfers posture. Because most Golfers are either carrying some aches and pains, or play with an injury, wants to provide simple exercise information that will provide you the ability to improve your swing, reducing the impact on your body.

Reducing the impact lessens fatigue and means you are more consistent throughout your round.

The aim of this drill is to help you train your body to make the correct movements through the swing. By taking the arms out of the movement you can focus on correct spinal rotation, spine angle, and hip pivot.

The instructions below are for right handed golfers, keep it opposite for Left-Handed golfers.

Equipment: Wall.

Purpose: To recruit correct muscles for control of the putter in pressure by staying in your set up and moving only your shoulders.



  1. Get into putting posture with your head on the wall and arms hanging down.
  2. Open palms to face the wall bringing your hands together. Bring your elbows as close to each other as possible.
  3. Keeping the head, hips, knees and feet completely still, use your shoulders to move the hands back and through.
  4. Focus on short fast movements until you feel the muscles in between your shoulder blades fatigue.
  5. DO NOT allow your head, hips, knees and feet to move.