I tried some new golf putter types to see if it'd help my game.  It has been a busy week, one filled with more pain ( I will spare you the details of Dr. Sese working on the scar tissue and knots in my shoulder joint, it hurt!) and a laundry list of details to be sorted out with my golf game.  Today provided a chance to play along with my team during their match, and did I ever get a quick education on where I am at.  Here’s a quick recap (golf putter types) of the good, the ok, the out right awful and the I hope I never see that shot again.


  • Good: Hitting three drives over 250 yards, straight with a little draw!
  • Good: My aiming, I actually knew left from right today
  • Good: Sinking a 15 footer to save par on hole 8
  • Ok: My chips were the right idea, just needing to be dialed in
  • Out Right Awful: Bogeys on the first three holes, two of those were three putts
  • Never Again: Snap hooking my drive on the ninth
  • and the winner of today’s round, missing a 1 foot putt to save par out of the sand!!!

The good news about today though is that I never felt defeated and if anything, walked away feeling encouraged.  However, missing one foot putts is nothing new for me.  I never know if it’s my vision causing an issue or just that I have lost so much confidence from that distance that I tense up.  My punishment will be a 5am visit to the gym tomorrow and a trip to the putting green in the afternoon where I will be until I make 100 one footers in a row.  Hopefully the golf course won’t mind me being there all night. 

Here are a picture of my golf team from our match last week. 

Golf Putter Types