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Excel Budget Spreadsheet

Why Do You Need an Excel Budget Template?

Have you ever looked at your bank account and wondered where all our your money has gone? 87% of millionaires have some type of monthly budget. Having a simple budget spreadsheet will help you understand your current cash flow situation. This is important for anyone who is saving for retirement or wanting to payoff credit cards and/or student loans.

Budgets are not just for someone who’s wanting to pay off debt, but can also be used for planning an event. An event budget is where you budget for a particular event such as a wedding. Wedding budgets are very common, because you might have a certain dollar amount you want to spend. A budgeting tool will help you organize your expenses and determine if you have enough money.

A budgeting worksheet can be used for creating a college budget or a household budget. Creating a budget is a great money management tool that anyone can do. There are some free budget templates your can use for excel or google sheets. Personally, I recommend Microsoft Excel for my family budgeting. This allows more flexibility when selecting a family budget planner.

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