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How to make money on a website?

When it comes to affiliate marketing are you a home run hitter or a singles hitter? These are baseball terms that compare people who hit home runs to people who bat for average.

What I’m finding more and more of is that people do not know how to make extra money, much less make a lot of it. Once they learn how to make some extra money they can become a home run hitter a make a lot more!

In this article, we just want to answer the questions of How to make money on a website? and the benefits of affiliate marketing!

How To Start Making Money From Your Website With Affiliate Marketing

I suppose first of all, we should address the issue of is affiliate marketing dying or is it a thriving business model. I’ve noticed in various Internet marketing forums that people are beginning to question whether affiliate marketing really works.

Generally the people that are writing these type of posts, and asking these type of questions, are ones that are not making any money with affiliate marketing. 

Because of the number of people who are having success you have to really look at the type of person is asking that question and tell them to look inside themselves first. Affiliate marketing is still a great way to make extra money from home.

You can still make money selling clicks with Google AdSense or Bidvertiser, you can still make money selling leads through pay per lead companies like Max Bounty, and you can still sell products as an affiliate for literally thousands of companies.

It seems many people still get hung up on whether they need a blog or website of their own to begin making money.

One simple way that I’ve found that continues to work is to create a landing page or a splash page, collect contact information, feed it into an auto responder, and then follow up over and over until people buy from you.

This is still the same old adage of the money is in the list, the people who rule the list rule the money, and to make a lot of money online you need a large list.

You may not need a large list, but you certainly need a quality list of people that you could contact that have the ability to buy something important you have to offer them.

So back to the question, How to make money on a website?, the answer is affiliate marketing, tied in with e-mail marketing, and building your list. If you master this strategy you’ll never have any problems. Do not worry about search engine optimization, fresh content, website design, or any of the things that face millions of webmasters who are not making money online today. Just get your autoresponder email address all over the Internet, and you will begin to make a lot of money!

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